Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cruze Farm Girl

Buttermilk seems like a drink from the past but Colleen Cruze from the Cruze Farm Girl Dairy, is bringing new life to the old time favorite!  She and her family milk the cows and churn up her favorite thirst quencher right on their land, about 15 miles east from Knoxville, TN.

When you churn butter out of cream, buttermilk is the tart liquid that is left over.  Before you are able to drink it, the buttermilk must ferment which gives the acid time to create the milk's unique taste.

Colleen loves this drink so much she has made a business out of it.  She hands it out samples at the local Farmers Market, and creates her own country favorites with it like ice cream, biscuits, and pancakes.

While her ice cream is a big seller, Colleen is certain there is an untapped market out there.  She believes that yogurt lovers are the audience that would adore her product. "If they would just take a sip of this, they'd be hooked.", she says.

To learn more visit: Cruzefarmgirl.com  or the Farm's Facebook

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  1. My dad got his first paddling in school (first grade) because he left to go home to get a drink of buttermilk. Guess you had to be ther, but I love the story.
    Great blog/
    Beth @ Life on Devils Hollow