Saturday, June 30, 2012

Going Berry Picking?

As July 4th approaches, luscious berries begin ripening across the mountains.  You don't have to look far because blackberry & raspberry bushes can be seen along most roads and biways.  You can pick a few as you are walking in your neighborhood but if you want to pick enough for a cobbler or jam you better get prepared!

Here are a few tips for a happy picking day...
  1. Know your area, make sure to find an area with a high concentration of berries.
  2. Its going to be hot!  Early morning 6-9 AM or after 5 PM won't be as warm.
  3. Get prepared!
    • Overalls or jeans.
    • Long sleave shirt to protect you from thorns.
    • Boots or tennis shoes - for protection and good footing.
    • 1 or 2 buckets with handles to carry the berries in.
    • A belt to put around your waste that will also be used to carry the buckets.  If you have two hands to pick berries with, you are going to accumulate a lot more, a lot faster!
    • BUG SPRAY- You are going to need this to try and devert the chiggers away from you.  Chiggers love berry bushes and to make you miserable.
    • A rag dampened with kerosene- this will also make the chiggers want to avoid you. Just tie it to your belt.  Hey, anything is better than frantically itching for a week.
Picking a gallon of berries can take only 1-2 hours depending on your location and the availability of the berries. 

Take a friend!  It will be a rewarding adventure for you both.

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