Sunday, September 30, 2012

Appy's are here!

You may have noticed that I dropped the ball on posting recently but I promise, there was a good reason for it! After YEARS of thinking,dreaming, and procrastinating I finally made it happen.  They are finally here!  Our very own hand made dolls named Appys are here to spread the word about the heritage of the Appalachian people.  Their will be several generations.  The first generation is called the Heritage Collection, it is made up of four dolls:  Cherokee Indians, Europeans, African-American, & Melungeons.  

These dolls represent the first four settlers in the Appalachian Mountains. Each doll is uniquely made and has a tag on her wrist that describe who she is and a little bit about her people.  Also included is a form for your little one to trace their own heritage

If you or anyone you know would be interested in Appy's please contact me or have a look at my Etsy page!

The 2nd generations dolls are on their way!

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