Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Revenuers are Comin'!

When I was up at my Dad's garden recently, I saw were he had been burying potatoes in the ground and I snapped a picture.  It reminded me of a story about my Great Grandfather, Burly Azor Suddreth and thought I would share it!  Hope you find it amusing!

Burly Azor II (aka B.A.) and Wayne Suddreth (My Dad)
Grandpa Suddreth was a logger and "white lightening producer". Two professions that conveniently worked well together.  He always had white lightenin' for sale.  One day he was burying his potatoes for the winter.  As they did back then, to keep their potatoes from ruining, he dug a deep whole and had lined it with straw to store them.  As he was tossing the potatoes in the hole, a friend came by and told him that the Revenuers were coming.  Now if you weren't around back then, which most of us weren't, Revenuer's were law officials that tried to catch people who were making and selling liquor illegally. 

When he got word that they were coming, he got all the bottles of white lightening and hid them under the potatoes.  When the Revenuers arrived, Grandpa was working away, covering those potatoes.  The Revenuers, who were persistent as always, looked and looked, around the house and barn but they never found that white lightenin'.

They said, "You sure have got some pretty potatoes this year."  Grandpa said, "Thank you" and continued to layer hay, dirt and tin over his prize potatoes.  The Revenuers got in their car and went on down the road.  Grandpa kept his white lightening that day.

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