Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mast General Store: Heart of the Mountains

The Mast General Store in downtown Asheville is one easy way to bring a vintage feel back into Christmas.  From barrells of candy to wind up toys, a visit to a Mast General Store is sure to intice you to buy a memory from the past.

Mast General Store's were the go-to place for anything you needed in the good ole' days. Anything from food to tools.  That is why they claimed  "If you can't buy it here, you don't need it."  

I snagged the picture on the right from the Mast General Store website and I hope you will be intrigued enough to check out more info.  This picture was taken in the 1940's when the Fain's owned it. 

Shortly thereafter, the Mast's bought it and renamed it.  In order for any location to be gifted with the "Mast" name it has to be a building that is worthy of preservation.  All the Mast buildings: "Date between 1883 - 1945, have ornate pressed-tin ceilings, and either restored well-oiled worn wooden floors or terrazzo that looks as though it was laid a century ago."

Here are some pictures of the store that I took recently. (Click on them to enlarge.)

This Christmas, when it comes to finding your family memorable gifts, give the Mast General Store a try.  Of course, the store has modern things too... fantastic hiking clothes, the best camping gear, goodies for the kids, cooking supplies... you name it!  While you shop, don't forget to enjoy the antique items placed all around the store.

Click here to visit their website!

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