Monday, December 10, 2012

The Kissing Ball

The hanging of a holiday kissing ball is the return of a centuries old idea.  Here is a smidgen of history...

Back in the 5th century of Europe, branches or boughs, of greenery were pieced together in a circular shape and hung from ceilings & doorways.  Often, along with the greenery, there would be a figurine representing baby Jesus or the holy family, symbolizing goodwill to all those who pass under it.

During the Victorian era, the kissing ball evolved into a combination of greenery and herbs. Along with a delightful scent, it was also said to bring love, courage, loyalty, good fortune, and fertility. 

We still have the holiday kissing ball today.  Only, it looks a bit different than it did years ago.  It has evolved into mistletoe that we bind together and hang above doorways. 

Thinking of making one like the old days?  Well luckily for us, our wonderful mountains supply anything you would want or need to make a fresh kissing ball!

I thought I would take a shot at making my own Kissing Ball.  I collected Christmas decor, a circular styrofoam ball, a coat hanger, holly, ivy, and branches from a live Christmas tree.

For starters, I attached the coat hanger to the styrofoam.  Secondly, I cut the branches of pine into 6 to 10 in lengths and stuck them all around the styrofoam ball.  Then I plugged in the holly and ivy in the bare areas.  Lastly, I attached a bow to the top to give it the Christmas feel. 
Once created, I had to trim it up to make it more circlular.
I decided to hang it conveniently over a bench in my front yard.  Ya know, just in case someone would like a kiss. 

I found some other Christmas kissing balls that artists have made. They are gorgeous!  If you like them as much as I do, check out and search for them.  There are all sorts! 

Click on the pictures and it will take you to their shop.




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