Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Search for Mistletoe

Most people in the Appalachians know about mistletoe but not everyone knows where to find it. In November, as the leaves fall from the trees, you may notice large clumps of green high in an oak or an elm.  You may have found it!  Rather than climb the tree most people of the Appalachians resort to a shotgun to retrieve it.


I was blessed to have a friend, Eddie Saylor, volunteer to use his shooting practice time to bring down some mistletoe for me.

Mistletoe is a small leafed plant with small white berries that are poisonous.  Legend has it that mistletoe "is a plant of peace and that a kiss under this plant ensures undying love and friendship". 

If you don't find any mistletoe in the trees try your local farmers market.  For the spirit of Christmas, hang some in your doorway, pour two cups of eggnog, grab your sweet heart and you might just steal yourself a kiss under the mistletoe!

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