Thursday, November 3, 2011

"The Main Thang" - Woodcrafts by Ray Man

I love meeting exceptional people! Ray Man is one of them!

I met Ray when I stopped on Hwy 321 North where he was displaying some of his woodwork.  I am always looking for people that avoid the "sit down & quit" attitude in a bad economy and he definitely qualifies!  As you might have gathered from my other posts I have a huge interest in making "something from nothing" & the making of products here in the Appalachian Mountains with supplies from the Appalachian Mountains. 

A stump used as a flower stand

Area that Ray sets up his display
Ray lives in Todd, NC and grew up in Gamewell, NC.  His business is called "The Main Thang" Woodcrafts.  

He makes bird houses from planks & tin roofs from old buildings.  

He also sells boards, new & old, for others to make woodcrafts. 

Here are several of his canes which are made from sourwood, sycamore, and hickory limbs that have been shaped by grapevine over the past few years.

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of them but he also sells lots of gourds in season.

If you are interested in Ray's creations please feel free to contact him!  You will be inspired just by talking to him.  His phone number: 828-759-0617

Do you have a "something from nothing" idea or product you make?  Leave a comment and I may showcase you!

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