Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wapiti in the Appalachians?

Oh yes, we definitely have Wapiti!  Wapiti is an indian word for elk or "light colored deer".

Recently our family traveled to Cataloochee, NC to see the elk herd.

Elk roamed the Appalachians until the late 1800's then became extinct to this area due to over hunting.

In 2001 the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation helped to reintroduce elk to the Great Smoky Mountains.  The elk were, and still are, tagged & monitored.  

Ten years later, the park has a herd of 141!  Throughout the experimental project they have learned that the Elk can survive and call this part of the Appalachians their home.
The Grandkids :)
Cows (female elk) grazing
Macho man was rounding up the cows.
Macho man, "bugling".
One last front view.

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