Friday, December 2, 2011

Papa's and Beer

So, you are tired of left overs?!

I just wanted to share a tasteful change.  Our local Mexican Restaurant, "Papas and Beer".  
If you have eaten there your mouth is watering now.  If you haven't eaten there, you are in for a treat!

From the spicy bean dip and chips,

The homemade salsa with fresh cilantro on the bar,

And the delicious meals....
You can see how happy the customers are.

There are several Papa's & Beer Restaurants in the area but my family's favorite is the Brevard Rd. location.
If you're clueless as to what to try, we have some suggestions!  Our favorite dishes are the Warm Fajita Salad, Chicken Milanesa, Mexico City Tacos. 

Hope you get a chance to visit!

Provecho - Enjoy your food!

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