Thursday, December 15, 2011

Money Maker #2!

Making money is on everyone's mind.  We ALL need it.  Towards the end of October this year we tried to "make money from nothing" gathering things that are free and doing something creative with it.  We created a post about this and shared it with the world...or more realistically, we shared it with the people who cared to read it... :)  Click here to read that post.  Well now, we've started a fire in our heart, we want to give people all the ideas we can on how to make some free money.  All it will require is time.  

This month we decided to look around us to see what was needed and what was available.  With Christmas on the way our goal was to make door decorations.  What better things to use than our surroundings!  We gathered all kinds of pine, a variety of different pine cones, ivy, holly, and evergreen.  We already had some wire & ribbon.

One night I created the bows and the next night I tied up the bough's.  The real challenge was finding the buyers!

I did find a Christmas Tree market and sold them to a salesman there for $7 each.  We made $50+ and we are waiting on more, if they sell.

Any money maker ideas you would like us to try?   

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