Monday, October 24, 2011

Money...It is All Around Us

Are you short on cash?  Everyday I hear of money woes while at work, on the news, and in daily conversation.  Everyone is so frustrated!  So many are jobless!

I started asking myself questions.  What would I do if I needed money?  What would I do if I needed money today?  So we decided to make a project out of this idea... 

The plan:  Make $50 TODAY!
Stipulations: Make it only from something free.

We scouted around us and found some cattails, roadside grass and sumac.

The idea was that people were interested in fall decor but may not take the time to go along roadsides to find fall decor.  We recently had been to the Farmers Market and had seen a lot of bitter sweet and money plants but not cattails.

  1. We picked 30 cattails, grass & sumac (the non-poisonous kind)
  2. I had some acrylic sealer in the basement and we sprayed them to help them last longer.

  3. Off we went!  To try and sell our collection.
  4. We found a really nice vendor, Nancy, at the Farmers Market who agreed to look at what we had for sell.  I pointed out that no other vendors had cattails or grass for sale.  She asked a few questions and inspected the quality of our products.  She then asked, "What do you want for them?".  We replied, "50."
Deal!!  We were so happy!  We did it!  Nancy was happy to, she had something that no one else did!  We left our phone number in case she wanted more or was not pleased with our product. 

So, you need some money today??  Look around you!  What is available to you may be what someone else can use!

Any ideas or stories you want to share?  How would you make something from nothing? 

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