Friday, October 28, 2011

Mudpies at Mammies

I am the most blessed grandma in the world! I got to keep my four darling grand children for few days. Becca 8, Lily 3, Heath 2, and Jack 7 month. It was great!  You know grandmas always have a trick up their sleeve.... Well I remembered playing with mud pies when I was a girl and thought the kids might enjoy it too. Mountain Man, as sweet as he could be, constructed us a safe table out of chairs and ply board. I gathered some old plastic bowl, cups, and pans for them to "cook with."
The kids and I went on a treasure walk and found some seeds, flowers, leaves, pine combs and rocks to add to our creations. We dug up a bucket of rich soil near the woods and filled a big bucket with water.

They played and played and played.  Even Jack was amused at watching them.

Here is Lily decorating her pie with yellow flowers.

Heath mostly liked playing in the water but just look at him mixing.

Becca of course made cupcakes so beautiful that you could take them to a bake sale.

If you need a time to occupy kids a while just get a bucket of dirt and one of water, clean out some disposible bowl and cups from your plastic cabinet and you won't hear a peep for a while.
They didn't even try to eat it!

Have you served any mud pies lately?

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