Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beggars Lice: Stuck on you


Remember the song " Stuck on you"?  Well when you go for a walk in the forest this fall that is what you'll be singing because these little boogers will most likely be all over you!

To the right I made a little collage from Google Images so that you could see how the plants actually look since I wasn't able to capture them.

Have no fear.  These little guys are not any type of bug, insect or virus.  It is just a plant that has seed pods with a velvety shell that like to hitchhike when ever the opportunity arises.  The velvet outside is much like velcro.  Actually it is my non-scientific theory that beggars lice could be the inspiration for velcro.

Here is some pictures to show you some beggars lice on my tights and on mountain mans pants.  He left his tights at home today.  Haha! Just kidding.  Anyway, no worries if you do pick up some of these guys.  You can just pick them off when you get home.  Maybe stick them on someone else. Ha!


Have you ever made a picture on velvet arranging Beggars Lice?  If not go out there and get ya' some! :)

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