Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Woolly Worm Weather

Well I just found a woolly worm inching across the road today!  You know the question... "Can woolly worms predict the weather?"

Woolly worms are a tiger moth caterpillar and legend has it that they can determine if the coming winter will be mild or harsh.  Woolly worms, also known as woolly bears, have a black band at each end with a band of reddish brown in the middle.  Folk wisdom states that if the brown bands on the woolly worms are narrow, the winter will be harsh.  If the brown band is wide, the winter will be mild.  

Well according my woolly worm found today... drum roll please...we are going to have a mild winter!  Now, there is some folklore wisdom I can go by like "rain before 7, it will quit before 11." but woolly worms aren't a strong predictor for me. 

However, woolly worms are a lot of fun.  When you find a couple of them or more, name them and have a woolly worm race this fall!  

So, how do you predict the weather when woolly worms come out?


  1. we always say if most of the woolly worms are nearly all black we will have a harsh winter, if they are mostly all brown then it would be mild. Around here also if it is a black band on a brown worm then we will have a mild winter to start with then turning harsh then back to mild. If it has a brown band on a black worm then it would be a harsh winter in the beginning then mild then harsh again.