Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ahh..."The Bath"

If you are over 50, it is possible you have lived in a house with no bathroom.  (Unimaginable to this generation.)  You would have used an outhouse or manual baths from a pan of water.  If you were lucky like my family, you had galvanized tub.  Yes, a portable tub you could drag into the kitchen by the cook stove where the water was boiling the room warm.  

A round galvanized tub I have around the house.
When I was younger we had an oblong tub.  My Mom heated water on the stove then added cold water until it was the right temperature.  It sounds kind of cute now.  

Anyway, this picture is not of me but I keep it hung in my bathroom to remind me of days past and how good it is now.  Aren't we spoiled??

Tell me how your life is better now than when you were young.  Cell phones, electric heat, all that good stuff?

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  1. Bathtubs!!! I can't believe that I actually survived without a bathtub! LOL I LOVE to soak, which was an impossibility when I was growing up, the old washtub allowed the water to get too cold too soon!!