Friday, December 14, 2012

Chetola Resort @ Blowing Rock: A Good Ol' Fashion Family Christmas!

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Driving from Boone the other day we happened to stop by and check out the Chetola Resort, 15 minutes away in Blowing Rock, NC.  I had no idea the history that this magnificent place possesses!  The location dates back all the way to 1846.  At first the property served as a home, then changed into a boarding house & summer resort called Silverlake.  Nearly the end of the 1800's, a new owner purchased Silverlake and renamed it Chetola.  Meaning "Haven of Rest" in Cherokee.  Chetola earned its name for the new owner.  He moved there having tuberculosis and his symptoms improved while being there.  Ever since then it has been the place to recooperate and relax.  In recent years it was purchased by a lady and her son.  They have worked very hard to only change Chetola in ways that are conducive to its rich history. 

All year long Chetola have activities going for the whole family that seem to be quite the experience.  Spa stays, fly fishing outings, hiking, hunting, carriage rides, 5 star cuisine... I really don't think the list stops!

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Right now, especially, seems to be the time to visit.  During the Holidays, up until December 20th if you and your family choose to stay at the Chetola Resort you have the option to take a Christmas tree home!  Its called the Choose & Cut package and it is sure to be a new family tradition.  In addition to your stay, the package includes (weather permitting), a family hayride to choose your tree, free hot chocolate and snacks, and the choice of your family's very own Christmas tree.  And guess what!  The family doesn't even have to lift a finger.  The employees will chop down the tree and mount it on vehicle for you!  In addition to this wonderful package, Chetola goes above and beyond to create a the best winter wonderland you've ever encountered:  Christmas carolers, Chetola festival of lights, and storytelling for the kids.  Wow, I would love to be there!

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