Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chocolatiers "Beyond Compare"

The Appalachians are sprinkled with wonderful chocolatiers and candy shops. Of the many worthy businesses I have found, two companies are very different but both are "beyond compare." The first company is the renowned Ruth Hunt Candy Company of Mt. Sterling, KY. In 1921, Ruth Tharpe Hunt began selling confections to her friends and family. It went so well she opened a small candy store in her home. She paid strict attention to detail and made each candy with the finest ingredients. The company now offers 70 kinds of candy. The Blue Monday Cream Pie chocolate bar is one of the favorites. Other favorites are the bourbon chocolates and a big selection of equine products (sold at the Kentucky Derby) .Celebrating 92 years in business, Ruth Hunt candies are a Kentucky landmark!

Ruth Hunt's Handmade Chocolates
The Original Ruth Hunt House

The second is a "bean-to-bar" business called the French Broad Chocolate Company in Asheville, NC. It was established in 2007 by the Rattigans to bring a natural and creative chocolate experience to its customers. Complete with a chocolate lounge, factory, and tasting room, this chocolate company has impacted Asheville and the surrounding areas in a big way. They are building a big local business of not only chocolate bars, truffles, and brownies but also chocolate drinks. They also offer chocolate bars from around the world.

For a unique experience, I suggest a visit to the chocolate lounge! But expect to stand in line.                                       

Both businesses offer online sales too. Check these "Chocolatiers Beyond Compare" !                      

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