Saturday, February 9, 2013

Earthy Scents for Wintertime Blues

"If your ideal mid-winters night involves a soft sweater, shearling slippers, and a good book by the fire, you might look to natural aromas to enhance that snuggly feeling. "Earthy scents connect you with the elements," says Tanya Bochnig, a natural perfumer (Whole Living Magazine; January/February issue).

So go ahead! Fill your hibernation den with the earthy aromas that whirl about you in the great outdoors.   Cedar, nuts, amber, fir, musk and sandalwood... Old man winter might keep me indoors but thanks to my nose, I can get a daily reminder of what is outside my front door!

Interested in buying some earthy scents of your own? There is a company from Great Neck, NY called Demeter Fragrance that is sure to please. Some of their scents are 100% natural while other, more complicated scents, require a bit more chemistry. Dirt, lava rock, and beeswax are just a few of their more complicated brews.

If you would like to check out the Demeter Fragrance website, click here.  While on this page, if you would like to navigate your way to the natural scents that they offer, click "Demeter Naturals." If you would like to browse the more random scents, select "Classic."  It is sure to amuse you!

I have always loved being in the great outdoors! There is nothing more relaxing than being outside and enjoying the beautiful things God created. Even though the weather may have me trapped inside, I am still able to bring a little of the outdoors into my home!

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