Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lake Keowee & the Appalachian Tarzan

We had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a house on Lake Keowee belonging to our sweet friends Leonard & Veronica.
Leonard & Veronica :)
It was a beautiful log cabin style house big enough for all our family and some friends to stay.  While the house was spectacular, the lake was adventurous!  Everyone seemed to have their boats out! There were pontoons, kayaks, speed boats, and fishing boats everywhere you looked.  Good thing Lake Keowee is so big!

We speeded around the lake for a while letting the kids (I call them kids, but they are fully grown) be towed behind the boat in whatever fashion they would like.

This is my son, Vince, knee boarding.  The cabin to the left is our friends and the house to the right is a well preserved historic home from the 1800's, too cool!
Lydia, my daughter, the youngest of the bunch.

We stopped at the community waterfall that flows into the lake.  The water is nice and cool and attracts quite a few people.

Here he is Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you, Appalachian Tarzan
From there we had to go to the ever so popular 3 story high rock face. People like to show off their bravery by climbing up the rock and jumping off into the lake.  It is here that we met the one, the only, Appalachian Tarzan.  This guy apparently didn't think that the rock was high enough for him so he decided to climb up on this twig (not near enough support as I would insist on having), as you can see in this picture, to get a more suitable distance between him and the water. The video below shows just how crazily high he was!

 Here are a few other random pictures of my family!
Cale, my oldest son and his son, Heath, as Heath contemplates how he is NEVER getting in this large body of water.

Me, Ricky, & Becca, my Granddaughter.

To the left is Bailey, my furry grandchild. My son, Vince, & his wife, Michelle, would be devastated if I did not share any pictures of Bailey, their only child.  Shes a cutie!

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