Thursday, August 4, 2011

The PeePee Teepee

Most people know that the Cherokee Indian Reservation is located in WNC Appalachan Mountains.  IF you have ever visited Cherokee you may have seen some real teepees.  Most of them are used for historical purposes or for tourists to have their pictures taken with an indian dressed in a feather headdress.

Well, I have found a delightful new teepee.  Its called the "PeePee Teepee"!  IT is used to avoid a stream of peepee when you are changing baby boys diaper.  It is similar to the real Teepee in shape and its purpose (Shelter!) but as you might have guessed, not in size.

If you want to make one for someone you know that has a baby boy or is expecting one - follow this pattern.

1. Choose very soft material like flannel and some lightweight terry cloth.
2. Cut the two types of fabric in a small half moon shape that are just alike.

3. Put the fabric together back to back and sew around the circular edge. (By hand or sewing machine)

4. Make a teepee shape and sew the seams together and wallah!

Washable, laughable, delightful.
It will definitely help you to avoid going on the "warpath".  

Also, when they outgrow them they can always be used as tiny party hats! :)

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