Friday, August 5, 2011

Skinny Thighs & the Community Gardens

Well, I woke up this morning complaining about my skinny thighs... Later that day my sweet, thoughtful, honey bear of a husband, wanted to help me and decided to resurrect our bicycles.  Honey Bear, our daughter, Lydia, and I went out for a stroll through the neighborhood.  It was great going downhill and wow, did my thighs get a workout going up hill!

 (Men don't exactly like to "re-take" pictures, "Its a good one, really!")

While we were out we rode by the park where there is a community garden.  It is really coming along well!  I was so delighted and surprised to see a basket of vegetables available to purchase.  (All donations go to the upgrade of the park.) They even had a jar for the money and a note that said we are on the honor system. Its not often that you can trust people these days.  Its so comforting to see the amount of trust that runs through such a large neighborhood!

Appalachian living... I LOVE it.

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