Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fresh Halloween Decor Ideas!

Is your Halloween Party in need a few fresh ideas but you don't have the funds to buy tons of new decor?  I've got some money saving ideas for you!  My daughter-in-law, Cassie, had a great get-together last year for Halloween.  Her decorations were a hit!

Instead of spending loads of cash, go to the Dollar Tree and get yourself some construction paper & poster board.  Some black, purple, green, and orange sheets should do the trick!  You might want to grab some stick glue and glitter, if you don't have any at home.  Not everyone has spray glue on hand, instead use some cheap hairspray, that will help your glitter to stick. Get ready for some ideas!

1. Everyone's got the goblins and pumpkins all over the yard but how about cute and simple Halloween words?  Try this bit!  You might can use some old coat hangers to unwind and make a stake in the yard to prop up the letters.

2. Cut out your own clever little Halloween inspired critters (bats, mice, spiders, etc) and strategically place them around your house.

3. Use your imagination and create your own "monsters" to peak outside your windows for your guests to giggle at.

4. And lastly, also at Dollar Tree, I bet they will have some colorful buckets somewhere!  So gather some bright colors and cut out some Halloween critters to tape or glue onto the buckets.  You might could even put a tea light in the bottom of the bucket to make them glow at night.

 Well folks, thats all I got!  Does anybody have any ideas they would like to share? 

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