Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stuffed 'Possum'

Like any other Mammy, my most favorite treasures are my grandchildren.  Heath is my 3rd grandchild.  He was given a stuffed opossum by his Nana (my mom, Nancy).  Now this long tailed creature has become his favorite tag along.  Opossum was dragged by his tail to just about every event in the day; To church, to bed, to the table, and even the restaurant.  And when we lose it, we go opossum huntin'. Although hideous in theory, this has been quite an adorable sight to see.

While we played he learned a little game-- Maybe you can share it with one of your little ones. 

It goes like this:

Person 1: "I found an ole' dead opossum in the road.  I one it."
Person 2: "I two it"
Person 1: "I three it"
Person 2: "I four it"
Person 1: "I five it"
Person 2: "I six it"
Person 1: " I seven it"
Person 2: "I eight it"
Person 1: "Ooh! You ate it!"

The smallest things can bring the biggest smiles. :)

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