Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tunisian Crochet

It's cold outside and the new seasons of TV shows are soon to begin.  What a perfect time to start a new craft!  I would suggest Tunisian crochet. Tunisian crochet is a beautiful and versatile stitch technique that borrows elements from both knitting and crochet, creating a pleasing fusion of the two techniques.

If you are familiar with crocheting, a tunisian crochet hook is longer than a regular crochet hook. It has a hook at one end and a knob at the other end to hold the stitches on the hook.

Unlike regular crocheting, Tunisian crochet, stitches are picked up and held on the hook for the first part of the row and then worked off the hook for the second part of the row. 
This book is one way you can learn the technique. It also has many patterns and even an instructional DVD.  Click on the picture below to be connected with Amazon Market Place and check out this book!                                       

If you are around the Asheville area, my friend Rita de Maintenon, is a wonderful teacher and an exceptional crafter.  She offers several classes.  If you are interested, here is her website:


  1. Thank you so much for mention of my book. :-)

  2. This message is from Rita de Maintenon: "
    Thank you Becky for mentioning my work and my website.
    I do have a Tunisian Crochet Workshop coming up at the Friends and Fiberworks Winter Retreat in Asheville this coming Sunday from 1 - 4 pm. Please go to my site ( and click on "Winter Blah's?" to get the link to all the Workshops and to sign up."