Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Amazing Market Place!

This time of year the farmers market takes on a new atmosphere.  

We were inspired to collect some of the new items and take them home.
We chose a Giant Atlantic Pumpkin to use in the yard but decided to leave the Warty Pumpkins right where they were.          They look a little disgusting but are really interesting if you choose get a closer look! 

We also picked up a Tiger Pumpkin and a little white Boo Pumpkin.  (Perfect name!)
We moved on to the Indian Corn and couldn't pass up the Chrysanthemums.

At home we made our own little fall decoration outside.  Shortly after which, a mischievous squirrel thought that I had delivered him a gift.  Even though he was feasting off my creation, he was adorable!  I got a couple of pictures of him as you can see.  One picture is a little blurry but necessary. :)

Who can scold that face?? :)

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