Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scuba Diving in the Appalachians

Labor Day weekend is coming up and if you are looking for one adventure before the summer is over I want to tell you about a surprise I found in the S.C mountains!  A dive shop!  Yes, a dive shop!
Mountain Man (my husband) and I took a drive to Lake Jocassee and stumbled upon Lake Jocassee Dive Shop.

We found Lake Jocassee itself to be a quiet, clean, and crystal clear with updated facilities and boat ramps.  It had a nice beach (it was early and only the birds were out), with canoes, and picnic tables.  It was beautiful and inviting.  Unfortunately, because it was so early in the morning it was really hard to capture just how clear this lake is.

When we saw the dive shop, I must admit, at first we were surprised and skeptical .  We stopped with intentions of getting a brochure and taking some pictures.  When we ran into Brandon and Dan who work there, they turned our skepticism into curiosity and told us some really cool facts!  The lake holds a treasure.  The Lake Jocassee Dam was built in 1973 to create Lake Jocassee.  The lake actually covers an abandoned town site and valley.  They created this dam to power a generator to turn turbines to make electricity for surrounding areas and also a recreational area.

The lake is fed by cool, crystal mountain waters that make a great place to see the town below.  On the dives you can see old buildings, cemeteries, and lots of fish!  Yea, I'm sure the fish would be the first thing on your mind, not dead bodies...   But rest assured, there has never been any dead bodies floating from the cemeteries. :)  The dive shop has the suits, gear, boats, and knowledge to take you and your friends on an adventure you will be talking about all the way into fall.   I found Brandon and Dan very knowledgeable and fun.  Check out their site and make plans!

Also, Debbie Fletcher has written a book about the the land that was flooded to create Lake Jocassee. Check it out!

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