Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Jam Garden

If you are going to have fresh fruit and berries next year from your garden...better get started now!

Fall is the best time to plant fruit trees, berry bushes, plants, and vines.  This time of year it rains more so they have time to take root.

Here is a start to my jam garden: 
I have blueberry bushes.  Like many other plants, it is important to have more than one to help in cross pollinating.  


Also strawberries, some are ever-bearing  (producing all spring and summer) and some are spring-bearing only.  In the picture below you'll see the full strawberry plants in a row on the right.  I took some of the runners from the big strawberry plants and planted them on the right and left sides. 


Raspberry & blackberry bushes ...

And some elaborate fences for my grape vine, purple, white, and Mountain Man's favorite, Scuppernong.


You may have noticed I have to keep the animals out with some fencing.


These plants keep me waiting and hoping for the spring.  What are you planting??

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